tap0901.sys File Download & Fix For All Windows OS

The tap0901.sys (TAP-Win32 Virtual Network driver) file is a Windows driver. Generally, drivers are used by Windows to enable internal components like graphic cards and drives, or external devices, such as printers, backup media or input devices. Message: "TAP driver error" or "Unsigned Driver" Nov 19, 2019 How do install an additional TAP-Windows adapter Apr 27, 2019 TAP driver error when connecting to a VPN | NordVPN

Tap Windows Adapter V9 Nordvpn 9.21.2 Driver Download

HIP for Windows uses the TAP-Win32 driver from OpenVPN to route packets destined to LSIs (1.x.x.x) to user-space, where they can be processed by the HIP service. The TAP-Win32 driver can be installed by the OpenHIP installer This driver comes from OpenVPN version 2.1_rc15 (or newer).

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How to fix Tap Windows Adapter V9? Mar 07, 2020