Adblock Plus has been available for Internet Explorer since August 2013, Safari since January 2014, and Yandex Browser since December 2014. An Adblock Plus browser beta version was made available in May 2015, called the "Adblock Browser". Adblock Browser 1.0 was released on September 7, 2015, based on Firefox for mobile.

web browser - Is Adblock (Plus) a security risk But in the case of AdBlock Plus, the software is well-understood and developed by a team that has a track record of protecting the interests of its users. Plus it's open-source, so the source code is available for you to examine yourself for any security issues. So in this case, the risk is minimal; trivial even. AdBlock vs AdBlock Plus: Which one is the Best Adblocker Nov 17, 2018 AdBlock Plus vs AdBlocker Ultimate detailed comparison as When comparing AdBlock Plus vs AdBlocker Ultimate, the Slant community recommends AdBlocker Ultimate for most people.In the question“What are the best ad blockers?”AdBlocker Ultimate is ranked 6th while AdBlock Plus is ranked 18th. uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Which is Better? [Comparison]

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