Apr 12, 2020 · While standard external hard drives and USB flash drives are handy for storing data, (which extends to IP56 water and dust resistance and even a self-destruct feature), the diskAshur Pro also

This hard drive will self-destruct - CNET Apr 15, 2011 This hard drive will self-destruct - Video - CNET Apr 15, 2011

A secure hard drive, or flash drive for that matter, is an oxymoron. The only way to secure your information is to use a virtual operating system that runs in memory and evaporates when you turn the power off, with any data that needs to be saved on external media that you can hide if you desire.

Oct 01, 2014

Completely erase everything from hard drive, external hard drive, USB, memory card, files and folders. Permanently wipes data on partitions and disk volumes with advanced wiping algorithm which overwrites your data up to 35 times. Uses advanced algorithms (Dod 5220-22.M, US Army, Peter Guttman) to 100% completely wipe data.

May 18, 2012 BusKill Cable Starts a Self-Destruct Routine on Stolen Laptops Jan 04, 2020 Self-destructing Hard Drive - Florida State University Self-destructing Hard Drive Ben Buzbee, Michael Backherms, Martin Brown self­destruct sequence, we employ an additional device connected via the parallel port. This device can send signals to the port using 1) a big red button 2) a mailbox key on the left side and 3) another on the right side of the big red button. These three signals need Amazon.com: Destruct Hard Drive Data Eraser by Lovell