When an embedded YouTube video is done playing, the YouTube player normally shows several related videos, also known as “suggested videos” or “more videos”. However, there are reasons a website owner might want to hide these - due to branding preferences or simply wanting a cleaner user experience.

Aug 09, 2019 · If you want to Block videos on YouTube PC then we can use Extensions, filters for that. So it is clear that we can easily Block videos on YouTube. For detail information of How to Block Videos on YouTube Android app and PC/computer, read the below paragraph. Steps for Block YouTube videos on Android. Jan 06, 2019 · There are thousands of videos being uploaded to YouTube each day, how do you filter out those that you don't want to see? May it be something you're scared of that your children will see or you Block specific YouTube videos and channels by clicking a Block Video or Block Channel button on a YouTube video page. Playlist functionality will continue to work normally, even if a blocked video is on the playlist. Block videos or channels based on keywords in the YouTube video title or by defining a regex. Hide or block the YouTube Trending Aug 22, 2017 · To enable YouTube Restricted Mode, open the YouTube site in your browser, and log into your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click Restricted Mode. Click On to enable it, then click Jan 13, 2019 · Step (2): Once you have installed the Video Blocker extension, open YouTube and right-click on any video from the particular channel you want to block and select “Block Videos from this channel” option. Step (3): You can also copy the link of the YouTube video or YouTube channel which you wish to block.

Click the video-blocker icon in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser. 2. Enter the name of the channel, or a keyword or phrase, you want to block — there is also a "wildcard" option which

Mar 17, 2019 · Videos that are illegally uploaded on YouTube, like – hate speech, public violence, beheading videos uploaded by a terrorist group etc. Although there are no full proof methods to block adults videos on YouTube app or website, there are few things you can do make YouTube safe for your kids. Block YouTube videos from any channel you want. Video Blocker allows you to hide videos from channels that you don't like. You can specify these channels by right-clicking on a link to a video on

Apr 18, 2020 · Now the first thing you have to do is go to the profile of the channel you want to block. You can go to profile page of channel by clicking on the name of the channel and that is the owner of the video. This will take us to the page of the channel in question, which will be from where we will be able to block a YouTube channel.

As a YouTube partner, you can filter the AdSense ads that appear next to your YouTube videos and channel. Here's how to filter ads from general or specific categories, or from specific AdSense advertiser domains: Sign in to your AdSense account and visit the Allow & block ads tab. In the top left, click Menu . Click Blocking controls YouTube host. Sep 07, 2017 · Check if you have parental controls on your router. I have linksys e4200 and can block websites on its parental control. Another sneaky way of doing this on a user's Apr 11, 2019 · * By using the Video Blocker add-on you'll be able to: Block all videos from channels specified by you. Block groups of channels by using wildcards. Block videos by keywords in their titles. 2. After installation restart your browser. 3. Now if you want to block a YouTube channel with Video Blocker: 1.