2020-3-18 · To check to see if ASP.NET 4.0 is installed and registered with IIS, do the following: • For All Versions of Windows : 1. Click Start and then click Run. 2. In the Open box, type Regedit and then click OK. 3. Look for the following key in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ASP.NET\4.0.30319.0: 4.

2019-4-4 · 背景最近同事传了一份C#的代码给我,我打开的时候遇到如下问题 Project Target Framework Not Installed,大概的就是项目需要版本是netframework 4.6.2,但是我本地是没有安装,是否需要切换到 .netframework4.6.1,或者安装4.6.2,以及其他。解决 Show Installed .NET Framework Versions | VulnDetect - An So I had to find out if I have .NET framework 4.6 installed. I searched the web for "Which .NET version is Installed" and found many articles that use different ways to determine the installed .NET Framework Versions. So this seems to be a common problem that many users have. In the article from Microsoft about SetupDiag there is also a link How to Check Which Version of Microsoft .NET Framework is

How to: Determine which .NET Framework versions are installed. 02/03/2020; 12 minutes to read +16; In this article. Users can install and run multiple versions of the .NET Framework on their computers. When you develop or deploy your app, you might need to know which .NET Framework versions are installed on the user’s computer.

DotNetVersions. There's no simple built in way to see the currently installed versions of the "classic" .NET platform in a system. The only way is to go to the system's registry and search and analyze some keys and values.. This simple and straight-forward command-line tool shows all the available versions … Understanding the .NET Framework …

2019-12-4 · 如何检查是否已安装 .NET Core How to check that .NET Core is already installed 12/04/2019 本文内容 本文介绍如何检查计算机上安装的 .NET Core 运行时和 SDK 的版本。This article teaches you how to check which versions of the .NET Core runtime

2016-12-14 · As soon as .NET Framework installation comes to mind, one location stands out - C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework. The above image shows that you have .NET Framework 4.0 or maybe a higher version installed. But which .NET 4.x is installed exactly To know which .NET 4.x is installed, we need to do some drilling into Registry. asp.net mvc - How do I see which version of MVC is 2019-11-23 · The ASP.NET programs folder is the best place to look as it will show the versions in folders. To note though, if you installed Visual Studio 2012, then it installed both versions MVC3 and MVC4. share | improve this answer | follow | TechNet Display a list of all .NET Framework Versions 2019-8-20 · Display a list of all .NET Framework Versions installed on a computer Get-FrameworkVersion.ps1 displays a list of all .NET Framework versions installed on a computer. Other computers can be accessed using various methods. BlockNetFramework registry keys are reported. List installed .NET versions on remote computers