Feb 20, 2017

Smart Phone Hot-spot test . If you have a smart phone with a hot-spot and at least 3 bars of signal, try to connect the TV to the hot-spot. This lets us test the TV connection to see if the TV is able to connect to any other signal. Hard line to the modem . Using an Ethernet cord, connect to the router directly to the TV. Easy TV Connect Guide | LG USA Support To use a Mouse and/or Keyboard with your Smart TV, no special setup is required. Simply connect your USB cable(s) to any available USB ports on the TV. Note: Bluetooth mice and keyboards are not supported. Some users have had success using the LG Bluetooth Rolly Keyboard, but … How to connect your LG TV to the internet via WiFi - YouTube Aug 13, 2017

Nov 06, 2018

3 easy ways to connect your Smart TV to the internet

How to Do Screen Mirroring on LG Smart TVs

Most Smart TVs will ask you to connect to Wi-Fi when they're being set up for the first time, or you can go into your TV's settings to find the Wi-Fi option. Do a search for Wi-Fi networks, and then pick yours from the list. Type in the wireless password for the network. Press the OK button, and the TV will try to connect. Lg non smart tv need to connect to direct tv box | AT&T Nov 22, 2018 How To Install The DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV - DirecTV Now Downloading and installing the Roku app on LG Smart TV Connect The TV To The Internet Wired Connection. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the TV (LG) and the router; Make use of the corresponding MENU key on the remote and then, make the choice, NETWORK How to pair Bluetooth devices to your LG TV - LG TV Jul 25, 2019