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Delete Your Personal Information. Ever wonder how and employer, ex-lover, or creep can find you online? It's because websites and private database publish your personal information for anyone to find. Safe Shepherd will show you all of the exposures of your personal information, and help you delete your information. As the industry leader in personal information removal and reputation management we provide a complete set of services that will enable you to control how search engines see you. Our team of professionals will use their years of experience to help you manage your online reputation and delete exposed personal data on the internet. Jun 28, 2018 · If you send it regular mail, be sure to make it certified, return receipt requested so you know exactly who signed for a copy of your information and you know who has it. Removing your home address from the Internet can be a lot of work to do on your own. There are data removal companies who charge a fee to do the footwork for you. Mar 10, 2015 · To remove more of your online personal information, click here for additional OPT OUT tutorials. (and if you want your information removed but don’t want to do it yourself, please reach out for pricing from me.) Until next time,… Stay Cyber Safe! ** Updated on March 10th, 2015 and November 11th, 2019**

Franklin also points out that Google, Bing, and Yahoo have methods for removing specific URLs that contain sensitive personal information. If the actual site is unwilling to remove your info, search engine companies may be willing to at least remove it from search results.

NameGone - Internet Privacy Protection Service Using this data, we will remove your personal information, including your personal, private information, from 40 leading online databases that publicly report it. Where are online databases getting my information from? The list of websites reporting your information grows by the day. How to delete personal information about myself on the

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How To Remove Personal Information From The Internet | Top Most internet users have several online accounts, often running into the dozens, even hundreds. The most common, and perhaps the most vulnerable, are social media accounts. Each account you open means more of your personal information is available online. Deleting these accounts can effectively remove a big chunk of the information.